What I can Help You With

How We Can Work Together

Our First Chat

This is a good opportunity for you to see whether you like my practice and feel we can work together.  If I feel I cannot assist you then I will help you find another therapist.

This is a FREE 15 minute session.


The Initial Evaluation/session

This initial evaluation will help to gain clarity about your current difficulties and how to best manage them. I will ask about your background, family history, and your current coping strategies. At the end of this session, we can determine what would be best for you.

You can then decide whether to have weekly or fortnightly sessions in person, online or a hybrid of both.


Ongoing Sessions

I am often asked “how many sessions will I need”?  That is difficult to answer, but significant progress can be made with only few, if you only wish to address one or two issues. However, for more complex issues a slower and longer process is recommended.

Booster sessions can also be useful for some when they have finished the initial course and feel they might be getting slightly off track.


Type of Therapy

Short-term/solution focused – therapy up to 6 sessions.

Open ended therapy- long/short-term – depending on your needs.

Time limited therapy – therapy contained within a specific time frame.

Session Types & Fees

Initial Chat


15 Minutes

Online / Phone



In Person



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