Perhaps you feel sad all the time; things that you used to like don’t seem enjoyable anymore. You feel disconnected from your friends and family; you may even feel hopeless about the future…

Or perhaps you find that you can’t stop worrying, even in your downtime; your usual ways of calming yourself aren’t working anymore.

It may be that you often feel scattered, and the feeling like you’re failing at everything, is ever present…

Hi, I'm Eva.

My ultimate goal is to assist you in improving your quality of life. Your physical health and relationship with others will also benefit.

 As an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist, I take a holistic and collaborative approach to improving your wellbeing. Each client’s experience and issues are both unique and significant to me.

Therapy is an extraordinary experience and I commit to hear, value and understand you. In our work together I will take an empathetic and non-judgemental approach in creating your therapy treatment.

I promise it will feel comfortable and just right for you.

EVA SHAW Counsellor & Psychotherapist